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Tired of eating on the run or feel guilty for not cooking enough? Beef is a versatile product that can be easily and quickly cooked in many ways.

Contact us TODAY to fill your freezer with locally raised beef.

Our beef is raised from birth on our farm. The calves begin on grass and hay, and when they are big enough, they are finished on hay and non-gmo corn that we grow ourselves.  Corn marbles the meat and improves the flavor and tenderness of the meat.


Advantages to buying beef in Bulk:

  1. You will save money.

  2. Your freezer will be full and you will have lots of quick and easy meal options to feed your family.

  3. The beef you purchase is of high quality, and more flavorful than beef purchased at the grocery store.

  4. You know where your meat is coming from, and you're supporting a local farm.


Cost and Processing Fees:

Cost is based on hanging (carcass) weight. The cost is $3.00 per pound hanging weight plus processing for Angus or Angus-Cross Beef. Whole, Halves, or Split Halves are available. A Split Half gives you a 1/4 of beef with cuts from both the front and hind quarters.  Processing costs between 65 and 90 cents a pound depending on the beef cutting instructions that you give the locker.

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your reservation: $600 Whole, $400 Half, $200 Split Half. The deposit will be subtracted from your final total. 


farmland locker:

We will have your meat processed at Farmland Locker in Farmland, IN. Our family has been using this locker for years.  We are always very pleased with how they cut and package our meat. They are state inspected, clean, and they can cut and package beef to meet your specific needs.  Farmland Locker still processes meat the old-fashion way, one animal at a time, so you are guaranteed to get your meat.  Your beef will hang for 10 days to 2 weeks, which helps tenderize the meat. Each package is double wrapped and stamped with your customer number. 

If you prefer to have your meat sent to a different locker, you may purchase by the live weight, $1.50 per pound, and take it to a locker of your choice.  If the locker is within a few miles of our farm, we can haul the steer for an additional fee of $30. This option is only available to those who are purchasing a Whole beef.


ordering process:

  1. Reserve your beef and we will send you an invoice with the deposit amount that is due. We accept cash or check or we can send you an invoice through Paypal.

  2. We will schedule your beef with Farmland Locker for processing (unless you are buying it by the live weight), and we will let you know the date.

  3. You will be expected to contact the processor with your cutting and packaging instructions. The processor can help you decide which cuts and quantities to package.

  4. Your beef will hang for approximately 10 - 14 days before it is processed which improves flavor and tenderness. Then it will be cut, packaged and frozen.

  5. We will get the hanging weight and processing fees from the locker, and we will contact you with your total that is due, minus your deposit. The remaining balance is due on or before you pick-up your beef.

  6. We will pick up your meat and schedule a time for you to come to our farm to pick-up the beef.

  7. You will want to bring boxes or coolers to transport your frozen beef home. Place it in your freezer as soon as possible.


estimate amount of beef & costs:

whole - 

  • live weight: 1200 lb.

  • hanging weight (60% of live): 720 lb.

  • packaged meat (65% of hang): 468 lb.

  • $3 per lb. Hanging weight: $2160.00

  • Processing: $.80 per lb. hanging weight: $576.00

  • Total Cost: $2736.00

  • Price / lb. packaged meat: $5.85 (This includes steaks!)

Half -

  • live weight: 600 lb.

  • hanging weight (60% of live): 360 lb.

  • packaged meat (65% of hang): 234 lb.

  • $3 per lb. Hanging weight: $1080.00

  • Processing: $.80 per lb. hanging weight: $288.00

  • Total Cost: $1368.00

  • Price / lb. packaged meat: $5.85 (This includes steaks!)

split half -

  • live weight: 300 lb.

  • hanging weight (60% of live): 180 lb.

  • packaged meat (65% of hang): 117 lb.

  • $3 per lb. Hanging weight: $540.00

  • Processing: $.80 per lb. hanging weight: $144.00

  • Total Cost: $684.00

  • Price / lb. packaged meat: $5.85 (This includes steaks!)

Please, remember the above figures are approximate.


If you are interested in filling your freezer with beef, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.  Thank you!

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