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The Fagan Family

The Fagan Family


Hello, we are the Fagan Family, Matt and Jamie and our 6 children; Hannah, Andrew, Lydia, Isaac, David and Caleb. We LOVE farming and we are proud of the family heritage behind it.  




I (Jamie) am a farmer's wife and a mom of 6 children. I homeschool our children, take care of the farm book work, keep the household running, organize schedules, garden, cook, chase cows, milk cows and however else I'm needed on the farm. I love providing my family with food that not only tastes good, but is healthy, and I LOVE providing these same foods to you from our farm. 

I understand that you are busy and you need to provide quick, easy, healthy meals for your family because the health of your children is extremely important to you.  We can provide you with fresh raw milk, freezer beef, produce and eggs. We do the work, so you don't have to.

First, raw milk is a real super food. When you join our herd share program, you receive milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. That means you are getting milk that not only tastes better, than what you can buy in the store, but it's also better for you. Raw milk is rich in natural vitamins, it is easier to digest, and it can help with allergies, skin conditions, and it boosts the immune system.

Second, I can help you provide your family with quick, easy, great tasty, healthy meals.  Filling your freezer with our beef will save you money and time.  Our beef is of high quality, locally raised and more flavorful than beef purchased at the grocery store.  There are so many meal options with beef and when you are in a hurry to feed your family, it takes little preparation to throw steaks on the grill, brown hamburger for tacos, or throw a roast in the crock-pot when you need to come home to a meal that is ready to eat. 

Third, if you don't have garden space or room to raise chickens we can help. Nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables and fresh eggs. You will feel so good about feeding your family real foods.

I am passionate about selling herd shares for raw milk, providing you with the best tasting beef, local veggies, and farm fresh eggs because I love helping families and I enjoy providing others, like you, with local food. I would love to help your family too!

I hope to hear from you soon!



My children are not sick as often as before.
— raw milk shareholder