How to Make Family Meals Happen

My favorite place in our old farmhouse is the kitchen table.  I cherish family meal time.  Especially now that we have teens in our house, it seems like there are days where we are all going a hundred different directions, but the family meal always brings us back together. 

Sharing meals together allows us to not only come together during a busy day, but it is a place where kids laugh, tell jokes and talk about their day. 

A place where little ones learn to sit still, develop good manners, and to eat what is set before them. 

It is a time where my husband and I can share family values, discuss issues, encourage one another, speak of God’s goodness, model good eating habits, and it is also a place where we as a family make decisions pertaining to our farm and the work that needs to be done. 

Family meals matter!  They build stronger family relationships and I encourage you to set time each week to sit at the table and enjoy a meal together. 

I know you are busy, and it is hard, but you must make the time.  Those sweet kids are growing up fast. 

Before you know it, the place that brings you so much enjoyment will also bring you sadness when one is absent.  Now that our daughter is in college, I feel a sting each time I count out only seven plates, instead of our usual eight.  

And momma, don’t forget you are creating memories around that table! 


How to Make Family Meals Happen

1.  Plan simple meals for your busiest nights.

2.  Prepare as much in advance as possible.  Make stew, soups or roasts in a crockpot for a meal that is ready when everyone arrives home.  Make a few freezer meals over the weekend that you can grab later in the week to throw in the oven. 

3.  Be prepared to eat when everyone is home.  Have a stack of quick-to-prepare recipes. Use your slow cooker or reheat foods.

4.  Give everyone a job to make meal time easier.  Little ones can set the table. With supervision children can cut fruits and veggie or stir what’s in the pot.  Train, train, train and work your self out of a job!  When your child leaves home they will be thankful that you taught them how to cook.

5.  Plan meals to include leftovers.  It saves time and money.

6.  Be flexible.  Supper might not be the best time for your family.  Enjoy a family breakfast or lunch.  Just try to eat as a family as much as possible. 


Enjoy Your Family Meal Time!


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