Basic Cheese Making Class

Cheese Class at Fagan Family Farm

Cheese is one of the most loved foods enjoyed by millions of people and on the Fagan Family Farm, we delight in hosting a basic cheese class with instructor Melody DeLury.  

Registrants learn so many things about cheese making.  Melody discusses sanitation, cheese equipment and ingredients, milk types, various cheeses, and best of all, she demonstrates how to make basic ricotta and mozzarella.  

Of course, everyone does a little taste testing as well and each student begins their own batch of Fromage Blanc, which is a soft white cheese that is spreadable and delicious on bread, crackers, fruits or vegetables, to take home.  

We have a great time and we learn so much from Melody, that we hope you will join us for our next class!

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We hope you can join us!


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