High-Fat Dairy Can Decrease Your Sugar Cravings & Maintain Your Weight

People have not always bought the idea that fats are unhealthy. Families use to enjoy real butter and cream line milk, but somehow by the time World War II came around, Americans were convinced by clever marketing and advertising that fat was the enemy. People switched from butter to margarine and from creamy full-fat milk to skim.  

Let’s admit it! We can be pretty gullible people! Someone can stick a label stating, “health food” and we are ready to jump on it and skim milk is one of those foods that has been labeled “healthy”.

According to a study done by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat lots of high fat dairy products have the lowest rate of diabetes. The wonderful cream in milk steadies blood sugar for an extended amount of time because the saturated fat in milk keeps your insulin levels from bouncing all over the place.

With Americans banning whole milk and jumping on the bandwagon of skim milk, there has been an increase in obesity. Why? According to The Healthy Home Economist website, when we reduce saturated fat, we turn to carbs, which are grains and sugars. These are what make you fat, not saturated fat.

Here’s the good news! Including cream in your diet will help you maintain your weight and decrease your cravings for sugar!

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The larger the cream-line the better the milk quality!