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Welcome to Fagan Family Farm

We are honored to have the opportunity to provide your family with fresh raw milk and freezer beef. As parents of six kids we understand the importance of providing your family with unprocessed foods. We provide real foods that will help you and your children stay healthy.

You can become a part-owner in a herd of grass fed Jersey cows, and enjoy fresh milk every week! Our raw milk has superior flavor. It is fresh, creamy and full of flavor. It is a real super food providing 100% of vitamins, iron, calcium and other important nutrients for your body.

We can also help you fill your freezer with beef that will save you money and time. Our beef is of high quality, locally raised and more flavorful than beef purchased at the grocery store.

Every family needs a farmer and we would be happy to be your local farmers!

We would love to provide your family with fresh raw milk and freezer beef!

Happy to Serve You,

Matt and Jamie Fagan & Family


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Farming is more than a business, but a lifestyle that we LOVE.
Our farm is more than land and crops.
It is our family’s heritage and our future.